Genius Stereotypes Of The Netherlands

In Amsterdam you only see arrogant people and tourists, on the beach you only see Germans digging in the sand and fishermen. Reddit member VictorVan created a map of the stereotypes in The Netherlands. Do you know a person who fits into this map?

Nicest Foods You’ve Ever Seen

Everybody loves good food. Chocolate and fruits are already a great combination, but if you see these pictures you can’t admin that these are the nicest foods you’ve ever seen. Enjoy! Which one do you think is the most tasty? Share this amazing foods

Getting Drunk Without Drinking Alcohol

You would think, that if you see somebody stumbling around that the person is quite drunk. Well that doesn’t always have to be the case; the American Nick Hess is always drunk while he hasn’t  touched a drop of alcohol. According to the latest news it

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